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Grab a year subscription of Family Circle Magazine for only $3.99.  It includes 12 issues at just $0.33 each.  Plus, you can order up to 4 years at this price.  Be sure to use promo code 7524 at check out.

Get Magazine =>  Family Magazine ~ $3.99/yr ~ promo code 7524

About Family Magazine
Discover Family Circle and you’ll discover loads of recipes and profit from money-saving coupons. You’ll read about crafts you’ll love to make and will want to implement artful decorating ideas. Helpful fat-fighting secrets and health alerts will tickle your fancy as will super tricks for saving money. You’ll love all the great ideas for getting organized in all the important areas of your life!


Here is what provides as part of their service

Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with one of your subscriptions for any reason within 6 months, you may contact customer service to cancel your subscription and request a refund for any undelivered issues. Our number one priority is ensuring all of our customers have a positive experience with us.
Lowest Price
We guarantee that we have the lowest publisher authorized prices available. If you find a lower price elsewhere, please contact us to request a price match.
Timely Delivery
Magazine subscriptions typically take 8-12 weeks to start. This is the industry standard wait time, and varies from publisher to publisher. Please contact customer service if you have any questions regarding the delivery of your first issue.
Free of Hidden Fees or auto-Renewals
As a store policy, we do not automatically renew your subscriptions once they expire. Once it is close to your renewal date, we will send you a renewal reminder giving you the option to renew the subscription yourself. Furthermore, the price you see in your shopping cart is the price you’ll see on your bill. We don’t charge any shipping or handling fees.
We use the information you give us for the sole purpose of fulfilling your order. We will not sell or rent your personal information under any circumstances.
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