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In the world of coupons and the internet,  the reality is that you have to fill out tons of forms to get the manufactures to give up their money saving coupons. Now before you need to go to the doctors with symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome let me tell you how we fill out forms with the click of a mouse.  Roboform.  And it’s FREE!  You fill out your information in Roboform once and when you need to fill out forms all you do is click on the icon on the toolbar.  It is that easy!

We have been using Roboform for about a year and half and would be lost without it.  Every coupon/deal we blog about we do ourselves, we spend a good deal of time filling out all kinds of forms. Roboforms has been an invaluable tool to us.

Roboform also can manage passwords, however we don’t use this feature.  We try to use the same password over and over for coupon purposes because it would be impossible to remember them.  A hint when coming up with a password that will be good for many sites is use upper/lower case letters along with number and make it about 8 characters long.

We would not recommend a product we didn’t trust and we totally trust Roboform.  So go ahead and try it.  You’ll be amazed at how much time you will save.

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