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You Choose the $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

That’s right, the winner of this Giveaway will be able to choose what gift card they want.

First Prize: $100 Gift Card
Choose from the following:
Visa, Target, Home Depot, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart

Second Prize:
Craig 4G Mp3 Player
valued at $79


How to Enter:
To enter this free giveaway all you have to do is “Like” us on Facebook or sign up for our daily updates via email and leave a comment telling us where is your favorite summer vacation spot.  If you have already become a fan on Facebook or receive our updates,  leave a comment on the bottom of this post.  Everybody is allowed one entry daily!

The context of the comments are not important, winners are chosen randomly.  You can really say what you want, we just try to help by giving everybody an idea of what to write.

Comments left on our Facebook page are not considered entries.  All entries must be posted to the bottom of this page only.

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Giveaway Details

The “You Choose $100.00 Gift Card” Giveaway will begin on 5/2/2012  and end at 8pm est, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The winner will be randomly selected using  Random Number & Checker. org

The winner will be announced on 6/6/2012  both on this post and on our Facebook page and will be immediately contacted via email.

The winner must contact us with a mailing address within 2 weeks of notification.  If we do not hear from the winner within the 2 weeks, the prize will be  forfeited.

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572 comments on “You Choose ~ The $100 Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Follow you on fb already. We love to visit family in Couer d’Alene, Id. Beautiful town with a gorgeous lake to enjoy the outdoors.

  2. I luv the Florida beaches. Mexico beach has the best sand, Follow on facebook and emails.

  3. I like you on FB and subscribe to your emails.

    Myrtle Beach, SC

  4. I already liked you on FB, am an email subscriber and my favorite vacation spot would be in western Europe

  5. I love to stay in good old Minnesota and go camping during the summer !

  6. Liked on facebook and subscribed to e-mails ( My favorite vacation spot is Niagra Falls.

  7. Already a FB and email subscriber.
    My favorite summer vacation is going camping.

  8. I subscribe to your emails. My favorite vacation spot is the beach in CA.

  9. I think just being able to go boating is nice in the summer but the weather generally doesn’t co-operate

  10. My husband and I visited Atlantic Beach, North Carolina because I found a really good deal on a 2 bedroom/full kitchen type room right near the beach …it was so relaxing because it wasn’t a huge touristy place so everything was very casual and not a lot of people :)

  11. i liked you on fb! i love spending my summer vacation at the beach or the pool!

  12. I am already aan e-mail subscriber and I have already liked you on fascebook. My very favorite place to vacation is Waterton Parks. There is alot of wildlife, trails to walk throgh the mountains, plenty to do in the area and you are surrounded by mountain water and wildlife. It’s perfect!

  13. Already liked u on FB as Ted Kooper
    My favorite summer vacation is in Hawaii.

  14. I already like your site on Facebook. I would choose the Visa. More options where and how to spend it.

  15. Fan on FB. My favorite vacation is disney land or anywhere with a beach!

  16. I am already a fan on facebook…my favorite summer spot is a local beach that’s usually pretty empty and quiet

  17. Follow on FB and I get emails
    Favorite vacation spot is Key WEst!!

  18. I like you on facebook. My favorite spot to go is my parent’s beach front property in Michigan.

  19. I like to go where it stays cooler in the summer. My dream place would be to visit Alaska.

  20. Follow you on FB….best summer vacation is home for the 4th of July to set of fireworks with my niece & nephew!

  21. I subscribe to your Daily Updates via Email. I love going to the cooler beaches of northern California and the giant Redwoods!

  22. I already like you on facebook (Karla Sceviour) and subscribe via email.
    Our favoirte vacation spot is anywhere where we can go camping!

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  23. My favorite vacation spot is Bonnaroo in Manchester TN. We’ve gone for the last 4 years and can’t wait to go again in June.

  24. Already like you on FB and subscribe to your emails.
    My favorite summer vacation spot is Orlando. My sis lives there so I have a free place to stay, there is a ton to do, and the beach isn’t far off at all.

  25. We like to go to Big Pine Key just north of Key West and stay with my brother.

  26. Like on Facebook
    Subscribed to Daily Emails
    This summer I am touring the PNW.

  27. I am a fan of yours on Facebook. Facebook ID: Pauline Milner Pike

    I am subscribed to recieve your emails using

    My favorite summer vacation place is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  28. My favorite vacation spot is a little placed called Michigan Adventure. It’s like a smaller Cedar Point, only at half the price and that includes the water park.

  29. My favorite summer vacation spot so far is Cancun. I’m an email subscriber.

  30. diefenbaker lake, we got boating there most years and we try to find beach along the shore to picnic at (but if the damn is open full blast there is no beaches)

  31. I liked you on Facebook as Black Asphodel

    Hm, I don’t have a favorite vacation spot. I like the sea. Any sea will do. XD

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  32. This week my favorit place is Clearwater Beach, Fl. Going on Vacation……..Yahooo!

  33. i like you on facebook already. I don’t really have a favorite vacation spot for the summer. We used to go to NYC sometimes, and that was great. Venice, Florida is pretty nice as well if you want the beach.

  34. My fav place to go on vacation would be dominican i haven’t been there yet but want to.

  35. I like you on FB and my favorite vacation spot is Sandbridge Beach, Virginia!

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  37. I like you on FB (Newmom August). My favorite vacation spot is Punta del Este, Uruguay

  38. FB fan – lisa lo
    email subscriber
    fave place is Colorado mountains in the summertime :o )

  39. Liked your facebook page & signed up for email subscription — A favorite place that we always try to visit once a year is Rockport, Ma.

  40. I liked on Facebook and subscribed to e-mails. My favorite summer vacation spot it Connecticut.

  41. Already a FB and email subscriber.

    Favorite vacation spot is North Carolina

  42. I liked you on FB. I receive email alerts.
    My favourite summer activity is having a BBQ for all the family.

  43. Like you on FB – Adriana Grillo
    commented that my favorite vacation spot is in Europe but.. will settle for my own backyard:)

  44. I am a confirmed subscriber!

    My summer vacation spot would be here in Montreal

    • I don’t see my previous entry – Like on FB Adriana Grillo
      My summer vacation spot posted on your wall that I like Europe but.. will vacation in my backyard

      • Hi Adri, There are 2 entries for you. The first one was at 12:49. I just want to reassure you that is there and will be counted. Thanks, Doreen

  45. like you on fb (peggy d) and favorite summer spot is actually relaxing in my backyard by the pool!

  46. My favorite place to take a vacation is the beach a great place to relax and unwind.

  47. (already following on facebook) my favorite vacation spot is the beach

  48. Liked Hot Coupons Crazy Savings on Facebook.
    Subscribed via email : emu839(at)gmail(dot)com

    My favorite summer spot is Lake Louise, Alberta. Another highlight is returning home, challenging all the streams we stop at to give up a fish.

  49. I follow you on facebook
    I subscribed and verified to your emails
    we like to take family vacations and go to California

  50. I could use the beach today….the sound of waves crashing makes everything else just disappear!

  51. daily entry..our favorite spot is anywhere where we can go camping! ;)

  52. Somewhere with snow because the little one has never seen snow.

    littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com

  53. I don’t like summer. My favourite vacation would be at the end of September and include an artist’s studio tour in central Ontario (Canada). I have been several times and it only gets better.

  54. I’m your newest FB fan :) My favorite vacation spot has been OBX, but would love to take a vaca to London or Paris… even Hawaii!

  55. when I was young I got to go to Hawaii (Oahu) but that was in the winter time of course

  56. I like you on facebook. Shari Dalton
    I am an email subscriber.
    -I would love to go to Hawaii for the summer,but realistically I enjoy my own backyard with my nice pool

  57. like on fb (michelle b) and one of our favorite summer vacation spots is myrtle beach, sc
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  58. daily entry.,somewhere warm where we can just relax and enjoy the time together!

  59. LIKE Hot Coupons Crazy Savings on FB [Geri Sandoval]
    Favorite place to go on vacation is Florida, love the ocean and my son lives there.

  60. ————————- Already like you on FB under: Nicole Ordonez

    ————————- Current email subscriber under: saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    ————————- My fave summer vacation spot is San Diego. Lots of sun, beaches, food & shopping. :)

  61. Like you on FB – cheryl hodgkins

    Email subscriber –

    Like to vacation in North Carolina & swim in the ocean. Its just beautiful.

  62. I already like you on facebook and have been a subscriber.
    My favorite summer vacation spot is the Oregon coast.

  63. ekk bent over and hurt my back (no idea why or what I did LOL) but right now my fav vacation would be away from LAUNDRY lol

  64. I liked you on facebook and have been a subscriber.
    My favorite summer vacation spot is Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  65. I like camping….where doesn’t really matter as long as it’s far from “civilization”! I love to see the stars FAAAAAAAAAR from the city lights!

  66. I’m a confirmed email subscriber. Anywhere near the ocean is a great vacations spot for me! :)

  67. I have to visit family on my vacations because we live far away. Thinking about moving closer so then we can vacation in a REAL vacation spot!

  68. my favorite summer spot is lewiston new york on tuesday evenings
    where a bank and radio station help to pay for famous outdoor rock concerts. rock will never die!!

  69. We like the Oregon coast…beautiful and still driving distance with a baby in the car!

  70. I want to go somewhere by a lake to watch and shoot 4th of July fireworks!

  71. I like you on facebook (amber lynn)

    My favourite summer vacation spot is Punta Cana

    ayoung3360 at hotmail dot com

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  73. Like you on FB
    Debbie M Petts

    I like going camping/fishing at Buffalo Lake, AB.


  74. fav vacation would be having enough money to lay around and do a ton of fun things and not worry bout a thing

  75. Today I’d settle for somewhere DRY…..the desert sounds nice, been raining for a week straight! lol

  76. I want to go find seashells on a beach, and listen to the crashing waves.

  77. I am a FB fan ellen beck I guess the best place I have ever been to would have to be S Padre Island in TX- it is gorgeous there and we went for my birthday. Ant beach though will do!

  78. I ”like” you on Facebook. (Maggie D C)
    My favorite summer vacation spot is the Outer Banks.

    Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

  79. I loved the summer I spent living in Spain, especially when I went to a small beach town called Almunecar. Nowadays, I mostly stick with going down the shore to Wildwood or Cape May.

    • Ack forgot to list that I was an existing facebook (as mare sperry) and email subscriber (as tommygirl828 (at) gmail (dot) com)

      Thank you for the giveaway

  80. I’m a FB fan (Olivia Lambert Lasting). I love anywhere warm – like the Caribbean!

  81. daily entry

    I enjoy gong anywhere with my family as long as it is warm and we can have fun family time together.

  82. I “Like” you on Facebook (I’m Sml Footprints). I’ve also subscribed to your email updates. Our favorite vacation spot is Aruba … it’s fabulous! :-)
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  83. Daily entry 5/14. My favorite vacation spot is Schroon Lake, NY.

  84. I live in Orillia on two lakes, and this is a nice place to vacation, but I already live here.

  85. Facebook fan (Michelle Hudak)

    My favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas.

  86. i would like to go on a cruze to alaska but my favorite summer spot is our campgroung in shawneen forest
    thanks for letting me enter your contest
    susan trotter

  87. Daily entry for 5/15 and I love vacationing in Santiago, Chile in the summer.

  88. I liked you on facebook. My favorite summer vacation spot is Outer Banks, NC.

  89. i liked on FB: Myra Rzepa
    SUbscribed via Email:

    my favorite vacation spot is camp! i love camping and sitting by the fire and going swimming in the lake and hanging out in the hammock reading a good book! :)

  90. I would love to check out the new Hogwarts attraction at Universal Orlando!

  91. My favorite vacation spot is SAN DIEGO!!!
    [liked your FB page under Shiloh L]

  92. My favorite vacation spot is anyplace sunny with a beach.

    I’m an email subscriber.

  93. I liked you on FB Sarasota, FL is my favorite vacation spot. Beautiful beaches

  94. I love to vacation in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, USA.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  95. I am a fan of yours on Facebook.

    Facebook ID: Pauline Milner Pike

  96. 1. I like Hot Coupons Crazy Savings on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

    2. My favorite summer vacation spot is Los Angeles.

  97. subscribe via email
    anger_family @yahoo dot com
    my fave summer place in Manitoulin Island

  98. Somewhere with lots of lovely, green hills to admire and perhaps hike through would be amazing. :)

  99. To heck with my favorite places…there are soooo many places I have NOT been! I want to give those a whirl!

  100. My favourite summer spot is the Manitoulin Island, so quiet and relaxing

  101. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of my favorite vacation destinations.

  102. anywhere its not raining, or if it is raining, a light misty rain like in PR (we won a trip there and went in oct)

  103. Very nice prize. Excellent site. Enjoy coming Thank you for creating this one.

  104. I like you on facebook (Amber S) and my fav spot to vacation is in the Mayan Riviera

  105. Favourite summer destination is the beautiful Manitouline Island, love to go canoeing and finshing

  106. rain predicted for this week, all week long, sorta sucks but we just had a nice longweekend so I guess we shouldn’t bellyache too much

    I dream of being in a hammock where there are NO mosquitos

  107. I would love to vacation in a place with incredibly delicious food, say, somewhere in Italy or the Mediterranean. :)

  108. I like you on FB and my favorite summer spot is at the beach with my kids.

  109. Our favourite summer destination is the Manitouline Island, rest and relaxation is just what we do

  110. We love going fishing and swimming at our local lake. Entry for 5/23

  111. My favorite vacation spot is the Jersey Shore, its close by and cheaper then going far – Hey Im on a budget!!!! =0D

  112. My favorite summer vacation spot was my uncle’s lake house. We would travel there every summer & spend a few weeks with our extended family. It was nothing, just a small house by a lake in Missouri but those are some of my favorite memories!

  113. I am a Facebook friend/fan and am heading to sign up for email news. Our family likes to head to Wisconsin Dells because it is a COOL and refreshing place to spend family time, no MATTER what age!

    Thanks much!

  114. My favorite vacation spot is on any beach, late in the afternoon through sunset. I’m relaxing just thinking about it.

  115. i like vacationing in the mountians of kentucky,it is beautiful this time of year

  116. I’m a fan on Facebook – behap

    We’re kind of a stay-cation family since we have lots of local places to spend the day including Great America, San Francisco, and the redwoods at Big Basin but the family favorite it the beach and boardwalk at Santa Cruz.

  117. already follow on FB and via email and my favorite vacation place is Hawaii

  118. My favorite vacation spot would be camping with the family on the Oregon Coast!

  119. I love to vacation in the White Mountains in North Conway, New Hampshire, USA.

  120. I love to vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA.

  121. Love vacationing on Manitoulin Island, doing some fishing and canoeing and catching up on some reading while soaking up the peacefulness

  122. I have never really been on a family vacation, so I would love to take my three small children to Florida…beaches, Seaworld, and DisneyLand what could be better!!

  123. Grillin here for the holidays! Hope you all get to spend it with loved ones!

  124. Cumberland Falls in Ky. is my favorite place to get away in the spring/summer!

  125. I love going to the Manitoulin Island during the summer months, great place to relax, read a book do some canoeing and enjoying yourself

  126. Fan on FB – Amber S, we had a lovely day fishing locally so that is on my list of fav place in the summer. Hope everybody is enjoying their weekend.

  127. Love going to the Manitoulin Island during our summer vacation, it beautiful there

  128. my favorite summer vacation spot is our home
    we like our house and town a lot; lots of things to do and discover
    lots of people come here to vacation why shouldn’t we stay? :)

  129. where I am today there is a 26km/hr wind, its 6 C and its cold (we turned the furnace on to get the chill out of the house)
    in PR right now its 29C but feels like 39C , so , thats where I WANT to be right now LOL

  130. I am loving you on FB as Monique Jones and I am also getting your email. My favorite vacation spot is is Martha’s Vineyard, thanks for this giveaway

  131. I like to camp in the forest so for local spots in the summer, a weekend away in the trees just can’t be beat – FB fan, Amber S

  132. i love the breaks interstate park in ky and va.lots of great things to see and do,especially if you love the mountains

  133. Like you on fb already
    My favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach SC. It is only 1 1/2 hours from home and there is so much to do

  134. Thank you to all vets and active duty service members for your sacrifices on our behalf. Happy Memorial Day!

  135. If not Central Europe, I like my summers in the cool crisp air of a mount lake.

  136. Favourite summer destination is the Manitoulin Island, love how peaceful it’s there

  137. I am a Facebook fan and email subscriber, I would love to take a vacation to Hawaii

  138. My favorite place to vacation is the Gulf Coast, Dauphin Island, to be exact. It is so beautiful with its white sands and the sunsets are to die for. thanks so much for the great giveaway!!

  139. FB Fan, Amber S – I like taking vacation in Mexico in the summer because it’s far less busy and the rates are better.

  140. already a fan on FB as Shannon M Gallagher

    surveylover77 at hotmail dot com

  141. We went for a wonderful walk down by the river today so I must add that to my fav spot to visit during the summer – fb fan, Amber S

  142. Love going to the Manitoulin Island during the summer, fishing and canoeing

  143. I liked you on fb and our favorite spot was on Sicamous lake at the cabin my aunt and uncle had!

  144. my favorite vacation spot is anywhere near the beach! (like on facebook as mp phaiah, get emails: quietct at gmail dot com).

  145. I like you on FB (JourneysofTheZoo). Every summer (since 2001), we vacation/camp in Algonquin Park, Ontario. LOVE it!

  146. Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! Cancun is my favorite spot.

  147. I’ve never actually gone on a summer vacation, but I would love to vacation in Seattle, WA.
    Facebook: Rae Pavey

  148. Summer vacation spent on Manitoulin Island, love going with the family and doing some canoeing and fishing

  149. I would say my favorite summertime vacation spot is Outer Banks, NC. We head there quite often during the warmer months.

  150. I love the Wisconsin Dells in the summer – awesome fun! FB Fan – Amber S

  151. best summers are right here at home in central wisc; we take vacations in the winter to get away from the ice and snow

  152. I like you on Facebook! My favorite vacation spot is at my cottage with family.

  153. Love to go to the mountains in the summer to get away from the oppressive heat.

  154. i like you on fb as amanda sakovitz and i love york beach, maine!

  155. favorite summer vacation spot is Picton Sandbanks in Picton, Ontario, Canada

  156. Liked on FB & Subcribed via email. My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii!

  157. I am a fan of yours on Facebook.
    Facebook ID: Pauline Milner Pike

  158. I really like camping by a river so I can fish and have it on the grill within minutes (assuming there’s somebody else around to fillet it of course ;) FB Fan – Amber S

  159. The last vacation I had was Hilton Head nine years ago…my sort of honeymoon…

  160. 50km/hr winds where I am today, PR looks good though, wish I was there

  161. I liked you on face book and am subscribing to your emails. Thanks for your giveaways.

  162. I like to go to Monterrey for the day. If I had the money and transportation I would like to finally see Disneyland

  163. I always want the opposite of what I have so my fave place is the Colorado Rockies seeing as I’m in a beach town now.

  164. I am a fan of yours on Facebook and enjoy reading your posts.
    Facebook ID: Pauline Milner

  165. My favorite summer vacation spot is a warm, sunny Florida beach. I love splashing and digging with my kids!

  166. I love to go camping in the summer anywhere the sun visits – fb fan Amber S

  167. My favorite vacation is to go to Dominican Republic….I have been there twice and its a beautiful island … for relaxation and enjoying the sun and the wind too )))) And the personal of the resort are so friendly …..

  168. Love going to the Manitoulin Island with the family, great place to fish and just relax

  169. diefenbaker lake -its so nice out here now, no wind and the lake is huge so you really don’t want to go out if its windy

  170. We love to take day trips to Cedar Point and ride all the rollercoasters or spend an afternoon on the beach of Lake Erie.

  171. We love to drive over to Amish country and spend the day looking for antiques.

  172. I signed up for your daily emails to go to this box: annazed10 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Sorry! got too excited, we like to vacation in our own backyard garden. Basically we work the whole time, but we love it.

  173. I like you on Facebook and I’m a subscriber. I love to go anywhere on the beautiful Oregon coast or go white-water rafting on a wild river.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. I spent quite some time camping in South Dakota and just loved it. There’s so many great things to see and do I could’ve spent all summer there. FB fan – Amber S

  175. My favorite place to vacation is the mountains its so beautiful and serene.
    I also have followed all that was asked.Thank you for the chance:]

  176. it was supposed to be 29 here today but the wind blew in some clouds and now its rainy and the winds still at 50km/hr

    I want to be at hawaii

  177. I’m an email subscriber, coriwestphal at msn dot com.

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  178. Entry for June 5th
    I am a fan of yours on Facebook.
    Facebook ID: Pauline Milner Pike

  179. I love a week off work.spending on the ski boat with kid, husband, freinds and, dog, then sleeping in my own bed at night.

  180. Already a fan & subscriber: My favorite summer vacation spot is near Seattle.

  181. My favorite summer vacation spot is Myrtle Beach! my gma has a house down there and we love to go!

    facebook – Stefanie Gladden
    email updates –

  182. I love heading to a nice cabin somewhere is the wilderness just to take a break from technology for a while. FB fan – Amber S

  183. Spending summer vacation has to be on Manitoulin Island, love going there, so peaceful, do some fishing, canoeing, hiking and soaking up some sun

  184. Already liked you on facebook (Kristie Betts), and an email subscriber (

    ***Every year we go camping for the weekend to start our relaxing vacation that is my favorite we’ve been doing this for the last 3 to 4 years and we get cranky on our vacation we don’t go camping first.

  185. already a fan and already subscribe…My favorite summer vacation spot would have to be either Myrtle Beach,SC or Savannah,GA

  186. I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii and laying on the beach for hours….maybe someday!

  187. This Giveaway is now over!!! Be back in a jiffy with the name of the winner!

  188. WooHoo!!!! The winner of the You Choose $100 Gift Card is entry #548 Nina Thomas! Yay Nina!!!!

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